A  Cased Davon Patent Micro-Telescope, And A Cased Davon Patent Binocular Micro-Telescope.

A Cased Davon Patent Micro-Telescope, And A Cased Davon Patent Binocular Micro-Telescope.

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Offered for Sale are two instruments, a cased Davon Patent Micro-Telescope, and a cased Davon Patent Binocular Micro-Telescope. Included is an original Sales Brochure, issued by F.Davidson & Co with a very detailed description of not only these 2 instruments, but other "Davon" patented instruments. C 1919.


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C 1919

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UK and Ireland

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Offered for Sale are these very interesting examples of  now difficult to find instruments, both made by F.Davidson and Co London. The first item is the “Davon” Patent Micro-Telescope,  consisting of a telescope made of brass, covered with quality pig skin, complete with an extending sunshade, a removeable rear section, with a racked micro focus wheel,also covered in quality pig skin. All stitching is sound. The objective lens has a diameter of 2″, and the eyepiece lens is stamped “Davon No2”. Optics are clear and focus accurate. The rear section unscrews, and then becomes a hand held simple microscope, again, with a clear image. Complete assembly measures ..13-3/4 inches. There is a tripod, with a  bracket that adjusts to the circumferance of the main body. It is hinged, and folds up, so that it can be fitted into it’s case. The tripod has hinged metal legs with a matt black finish. The main support situated on top of the tripod. is brass, with adjusting levers. The bracket is of brass, with a felt inner lining.   The adjustment/focus, racked screw is clearly stamped “F.Davidson and Co/London Patent No 13251-12/London W“. Contained in it’s original fitted and lined leather case, complete with 2 intact closing tab,buckle, and buckles.  The lining is basically sound, with signs of   wear to the lid interior, and main case lining, with the  “The Davon Patent” emblem, now partially worn.  The case also contains 2 spare eyepiece lenses, stamped “Davon No 5″ & No 6″. The tree branch/wood screw mount, is missing [ rarely used].  The leather case measures 15″ X 4-1/2″ X 3”.   The other is a fine example of The “Davon” Binocular Micro-Telescope.   This consists of a heavy, white metal, black finished, instrument, complete with individual  eye focus, intrapapillary hinge adjustment, sliding sunshades. There are 3 sets of replaceable eyepieces, No 2, 5 & 6.  Optics are very good.  There is a central overall Focus adjusting wheel. Fully extended length… 14 inches [36cms], closed 13 inches [ 33 cms].     Objective diameter 1-1/8 inchs . [3cms].   Overall condition very good. Complete with it’s original fitted leather case, in excellent condition, with it’s lid, clearly exhibiting the  “Davon Patent” logo to the interior.  There is an original  leather shoulder sling, complete with 4 small leather lidded containers, for the spare eyepieces.  Finally, there is an original “F.Davidson & Co” brochure,  listing several products made under the “Davon Patent”, including these 2 items as described.   This not only lists original prices, but indicates that this Brochure was printed around  the  end of the Great War C1919.  This indicates that the Micro-Telescope was used during the great war.  The case measures 13-1/2 inches [34.5 cms].

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I have been interested in scientific instruments since my grammar school days in the 1950s then university at Guys Hospital, London, where I qualified in 1961, and then working as a Dental Surgeon, until retirement from that profession, in 2004.. My antiques business was set up 45 years ago, having followed in the footsteps of my father. Throughout this time I have dealt in scientific instruments, mainly of a military connection. This includes military instruments, microscopes, compasses, Nauticalia, Telescopes, large and small, Binoculars, especially of the German and British Naval forces of the 2nd WW, general optical items and even writing cases.

I attend the Science Fair in,London, and other Antique Fairs, especially the IACF Fairs, at Ardingly, West Sussex, The "Military Odyssey" at Detling, Kent, and occasionaly,the Bisley Fairs, and Birmingham, at the NMM.

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