A French trepaning set in steel and ebony, France, circa 1770

A French trepaning set in steel and ebony, France, circa 1770

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A fine French set for trepanation preserved in its wooden case box covered with stamped leather and lined with canvas and green wool with a gold braid. The box is complete with its brass handle and its original brass clasps. 

On the lid, a contemporary label, now difficult to read, bears the name of its first owner: “Mr. Flamant […] Saint-Florentin [or Saint-Florent].” 


The set is French and can be dated from 1770s. 


The trepaning set contains 16 ebony-handled steel instruments : a trephine of which the handle can be unscrewed, three conical crowns, an exfoliative drill bit, a perforator drill bit, a foliate bore, a key, five lenticulars, two elevators and a brush. 

The fifth largest lenticuler, located on the far right in the case, does not exactly match with the place drawn in the canvas. 


Despite some old traces of oxidation, very fine condition, without any damage at the ebony or steel. 

A beautifully and high quality set preserved in a complete box complet of its key and richly decorated with a gold braid.

Box: 31x21x5 cm.

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