A horizontal sundial in brass by Pierre I Lemaire, circa 1710

A horizontal sundial in brass by Pierre I Lemaire, circa 1710

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A horizonzal and octogonal sundial in brass signed « P[ierre] Le Maire a la Pierre d’aimant A Paris».

According with magnetic declination, we can date this sundial from 1710s’.

It measures 6,9×5,9 cm.

The upper plate is engraved with four hours scales for the lattitudes 43, 46, 49 and 52.

The gnomon, in bird-shape, is moveable for the lattitudes to 40 to 60 degrees. We can note some marks of the red original colors on the gnomon.

The outer plate is engraved with 26 names, with their lattitudes, of French and European cities.

Pierre Lemaire elder was active from the end of 17th century to 1745. He was famous for the mounted of lodestone from where is sign, “A la pierre d’aiman”. 

Despites some old traces of cleaning, and one screw formelt replaced, a good and fonctionning sundial at the first address of teh Lemaire dynasty.

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