A large collection of 36 German botanical models of paper mushrooms made and sold by Henrich Arnoldi

A large collection of 36 German botanical models of paper mushrooms made and sold by Henrich Arnoldi

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The models are not signed but the numbers on the mushrooms allow to attribute them without any doubt to Arnolid.


These are early German models, circa 1880, before the more common models in plaster, from the early 20th century, mounted on large naturalist-type bases.


The collection is generally in good condition, with of course usual accidents of use on few models and more important accidents with restorations on 3 models but which in no way distort the realism and the particular beauty of papier mache.


Each model have an handwritten number and a little printed label with its name in latine and german which is glued.


The collection includes the following numbers (species) : 


6 (?), 9 (Morchella rotunda), 11 (Morchella esculenta var fulva), 12 (?), 13 (Amanite muscaria), 17 (Cantharellus cibarius), 18 (?), 19 (?), 20 (?), 21 (Agaricus campestris), 22 (Agaricus deliciosus), 25 (Boletus Satanas), 27 (?), 28 (Agaricus rufus), 32 (Amanita muscaria), 46 (?), 47 (Agaricus sylvaticus), 48 (Agaricus sylvaticus), 63 (Russula ochroleuca), 64 (Russula ochroleuca), 66 (Russula atropurpurea), 67 (Agaricus rubescentes), 68 (Agaricus rubescentes), 71 (Amanita citrina), 78 (?), 108 (Polyporus ?), 115 (Agaricus prunulus), 137 (Agaricus pyrogalus), 142 (?), 143 (Russula aurata), 148 (?), 150 (Agaricus psalliota), 201 (Agaricus violaceus).

For two models, the number are lost

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