A large Nachet microscope with an interesting collection of objectives, circa 1887-95

A large Nachet microscope with an interesting collection of objectives, circa 1887-95




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An interesting example of a large size model of Nachet microscope, signed on the base “NACHET, 17 rue St Séverin, Paris” adn it can be dated from 1887-95


The microscope is preserved in its original mahogany case (24x38x16 cm) and the size of the instrument is around 40 cm height.. 


The box of the microscope bears the collection number “108” which indicate certainly that this microscope comes from an public institution.

The very special composition of its collection of objectives prove the same thing.

Indeed, the microscope comes with three Nachet eyepiece (marked 1, 2 and 3), but especially, an interesting collection of objectives.

There is consisting of five by Nachet (marked 1, 3b, 6, 7, 1/15 immersion) and seven by Vérick or Hartnack/Prazmowski with an appropriate adapter.

All the objective can be perfectly used with this microscope.

From them, we can cites three interesting objective : an early Nachet for normaly polarizing microscope with a special adapter (number 3b), an 7 immersion by Nachet and a 10 immersion by “Hartnack et Cie”


There is also a good collection of accessories including a polarizing aparatus (polarizer and analyser), camera lucida, revolver for three objectives, darkfield condenser, different simple condenser and glass plate for chemical use.

All the optics are in good condition and the microscope is mechanically in perfect working condition.

Despite one stage clip is broken, this is a really interesting example because of its many accessories and possible uses.

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