A rare Alessandro Volta’s Eudiometer, 1800’s

A rare Alessandro Volta’s Eudiometer, 1800’s


A rare Alessandro Volta’s Eudiometer, 1800's

Categories: Scientific, Physics & Chemistry


A rare Alessandro Volta’s Eudiometer, 1800’s, from an old Italian school.

In perfect condition, height 46 cm

In 1777, Volta built an improved eudiometer better than any other in existence till then. Though the eudiometer was invented by Italian chemist Marsilio Landriani, it was truly pioneered by Volta. Volta used the device to test the amount of oxygen in air to determine how good it was for breathing, to analyze the flammability of gases and to demonstrate the chemical effects of electricity. His version of eudiometer was superior to others because it used hydrogen as the gas reacting with oxygen, giving a clean, reliable reaction.

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