A Rare Russian Measuring Microscope By K. Peterman St Petersburg
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A Rare Russian Measuring Microscope By K. Peterman St Petersburg


A rare Russian microscope C.1900signed on the micrometer eyepiece K. Peterman, St Petersburg


9.5 Inches Tall



Category: Microscopy


A rare Russian measuring microscope C.1900signed on the micrometer eyepiece K. Peterman, St Petersburg’ and on the label at the back of the case:

Golden medal



K. Peterman

Mechanic of the School of Technology

Physical laboratory

Some writing over the top of the label seems to say ‘Medical Sanitary Unit’

Russian instruments are very rare and this is the first time I have ever come across a microscope by a Russian maker. Although Peterman won a gold medal in Paris I have not been able to find any other information on this maker.

The microscope is very heavy and stands on a solid cast brass base. In the centre of the base is a squat pillar that allows the rest of the instrument to rotate. There is a friction lock and a fine adjustment mechanism at the top of the pillar. A large wheel unscrews to allow the microscope to be pushed forward or back into the required position. A rack at the end of the nickel plated bar allows for fine movement of the microscope body. The microscope only has course focussing via the large wheel at the side

The eyepiece is a very large and complicated wire micrometer. It can be fully rotated with a friction lock to the underside. A silvered wheel is turned and a carriage inside is moved back and forth via a fine screw thread. A second dial counts the revolutions of the main silvered wheel. Both the wheel and the needle can be reset at and point. The wires are missing but could be put back as there are locating marks inside the micrometer.

The objective is a RMS threaded Carl Zeiss a2

The microscope is contained in its original wooden case. There is another label to the top of the case in Russian but it’s to worn to decipher.


Condition: Cosmetically the microscope is in very good condition. There is some wear to the lacquer and the silvering on the dials. Mechanically the microscope is good with no issues optically the lenses are good and clean with no issues

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