An unique collection of 5 printed/manuscript large posters illustrating Mendel’s first genetic laws and hereditary laws, 1930

An unique collection of 5 printed/manuscript large posters illustrating Mendel’s first genetic laws and hereditary laws, 1930

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An important collection of 5 large and very early pedagogical/educationnal posters of genetics including 1 printed chart and 4 unique manuscript charts, Germany, 1929 / early 1930s’.


The printed poster, dated 1929 and published by Gummert in Berlin, is part of the so-called “Smalian-Dobers” series, of which four were published in 1929 and a fifth in 1934.

This series of German posters, named after its two authors, the botanist Karl Smalian and the geneticist and pedagogue of the Third Reich Ernst Dobers, seems to be one of the very first series of pedagogical poster on genetics ever published in Europe.

However, despite their undeniable scientific character, the context of publication of this series of poster can not make us forget its instrumentalization for pedagogical and political propaganda.

In the early 1930s Germany of the Third Reich institutionalized the teaching of genetics and theories of heredity in all German universities in order to justify its eugenic theories and racial hygiene. More generally, the modern theories of biology served to bring about a new discipline: the medicine of heredity, the object of which was to establish a diagnosis allowing selection in the German population.

The four anonymous handwritten posters are inspired by the Smalian-Dobers series. Their modern German Gothic writing allows to date them from the early 1930s.

They are certainly the personal work of a high school or university which, for its teaching, needs educational and scientific materials which do not yet exist in printed form.

An historicaly exceptionnal and unique set.


Some old restorations and all the charts have been recently linded and mounted on modern wooden stands.


-Size of the posters of rats: 122×98 cm

-Flowers: 135×94 cm

-“Mendelschen”: 116×98 cm

-“Reinerbig”: 134×97 cm

-the Smalian-Dobers printed chart : 112×91 cm

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