Augsburg dial by Grasl c.1750-70

Augsburg dial by Grasl c.1750-70

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An Augsburg direction dial in brass by Lorenzo Grasl in a fitted leather case.


58mm x 55mm x 15mm high



Country of manufacture


Categories: Scientific, Portable Sundials, Timekeeping


A brass Augsburg dial from second half of the 17C by Lorenzo Grasl with provision via the engraved latitude arm for setting between 5-85 degrees.The engraved silvered compass bowl is marked with cardinal points with a stylized 16 point compass rose in the centre.The base plate is decorated with flowers and geometric design.The dial plate with sprung gnomon is engraved with the hour scale with further lines on it’s inside edge.The bottom surface of the compass dish is signed L.Grasl,examples of who’s work can be found at Greenwich.It’s burgundy velvet lined case is leather covered with gilt detail and closes on a single brass hook and eye.

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