Baunscheidt Lebensweker Life-Awakener Resuscitator Mechanical Leach Fleam

Baunscheidt Lebensweker Life-Awakener Resuscitator Mechanical Leach Fleam



Length 10,1/4



Country of manufacture


Categories: Medicine, Quack Medicine, Therapeutic & Functional Aids


Offered for sale;
Rare Baunscheidt Lebensweker, circa 1880.
Black lacquered wood with spring loaded steel needles marked with a fancy B behind the needles.
In excellent original condition and good working order.
Length 10,1/4″ or 260mm

The Lebenswecker, translated as the “Life-Awakener” or the “Resuscitator,” was developed by German inventor Carl Baunscheidt in the mid-19th century.  Popular during the latter part of the nineteenth century, the small instrument included over 30 thin, spring-loaded needles concentrated at the end of an ebony staff.
The physician would make multiple punctures after he prepared the skin with a coat of special oil, or “Oleum.” As another option, the practitioner could dip the needles in the oil before application, thus creating a more concentrated injection. As the blisters formed and drained, Baunscheidt claimed, the “health-destroying morbid matter” in the body naturally escaped without surgery.
It was promoted as a “counter-irritant” and  Baunscheidt claimed that the Lebenswecker could cure everything from sleeplessness to measles to epilepsy.
It was also promoted by some as a “life awakener” to bring back the dead! Probably the only real benefit was in pain reduction since discomfort produced in one area of the body can sometimes reduce it elsewhere.

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