Britex Spotter telescope, 15x – 25x, circa 1950

Britex Spotter telescope, 15x – 25x, circa 1950

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Offered for sale is a well built telescope, probably post WWII, engraved 'Britex Spotter'. It has a single draw, plus a pancratic variable magnification short draw marked 15x, 20x and 25x. The brass construction is bright nickel plated on the draws, and painted externally in red//brown/black coats.


21 inches extended, 1.5 inches diameter



Country of manufacture

UK and Ireland

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For sale is a Britex Spotter single draw telescope, which incorporates a separate pancratic magnification adjustment tube. This changes the magnification to achieve a variation from 15x to 25x. The ‘Spotter’ was made after WW2, by W Ottway and Co of Ealing, and I suspect the parts used owe more to war surplus stocks of components rather than a clever design. This was the model produced by Ottway for the wholesale trade, and it was sold to members of the public under various names. Ottway themselves had concentrated on gunsights and telescopes for artillery ranging, so they were solidly built. 

All the construction is brass, with the draws bright nickel plated and the external surfaces coated with Admiralty style thick paint layers, in black brown and ochre. All lenses are in good condition. A detailed description of the internals can be provided! Overall length is 21″ with the sunshade extended, fully closed it is 11.25″, and two leather end caps attached to a strap provide end protection. The OD is 1.5″. Total weight is 700gms. The knurled section on the main barrel does not have a function!



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GB Telescope Collector

I first started using a telescope in the 60s, to identify aeroplanes arriving at Yeadon airport, in Yorkshire. Then I started to collect and restore vintage brass scopes in the 1990s. The collection boomed later, in the early days of the internet, rising to around 300 in number. I then made a lot of friends via the internet, advising them on how to identify, date or repair their scopes. At the age of 72 I need to disperse these wonderful bits of engineering history, because they still work today as well as they did 200+ years ago! That is the fascination....Some of my collection have already been sold to collectors spread around, in the UK, USA, Ireland, Israel, France and Germany. Several have been returned to the UK descendants of the people who made them, or relations of their previous owners, because they found the stories on my website. Now the collection needs to be dispersed more systematically, so therefore is the place to find the real enthusiasts. The first dozen or so telescopes will be added shortly, so please visit this site again soon! Alternatively, if you are looking for a specific telescope, tell me, as maybe I have one!
Nick Denbow, based in Alresford, Hampshire: contact via email on

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