C1900 Ambulance Surgeon’s hat:  Jersey City Hospital

C1900 Ambulance Surgeon’s hat: Jersey City Hospital


C1900 Ambulance Surgeon's hat: Jersey City Hospital



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Surgeons rode in ambulances in a number of American cities from about 1870 to WW1. They wore hats resembling Civil War kepis with the name of the hospital embroidered on them. I’ve included two images of ambulance surgeons wearing a hat of this type.Over the years I’ve sold a handful of ambulance surgeon hats but this one is the best in terms of condition: braid, buttons, sweatband (with ribbon!) are all present and there are no moth holes. Regarding  the history of Jersey City Hospital, Wiki notes:
  The hospital began as the “Charity Hospital” but the Board of Aldermen of Jersey City bought land at Baldwin Avenue and Montgomery Street in 1882 for a new hospital. The locale was chosen to remove the hospital from the industrial development at Paulus Hook. This building is now the Medical Center building. It was renamed the Jersey City Hospital in 1885 and had expanded to 200 beds. In 1909, the original hospital building was reserved for men and a second wing was added for women. When Frank Hague became mayor of Jersey City in 1917, he planned to expand the hospital. He had the original building renovated and constructed a new 23-story structure for surgery, known as The Orpheum. The new facility opened in 1931, and George O’Hanlon was the first director. With money from the Works Progress Administration new buildings were added during The Great Depression. The formal dedication of the Medical Center Complex, the B. S. Pollack Hospital, was on October 2, 1936, with Franklin D. Roosevelt dedicating the building.
The hospital continues today as the New Jersey Medical Center.

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