SOLD – Large surveying compass – T. Blunt, Cornhill

SOLD – Large surveying compass – T. Blunt, Cornhill



1800 - 10

Country of manufacture

UK and Ireland

Categories: Scientific, Surveying Instruments & Mining


A large mahogany surveying compass, circa 1800, the body measuring 6 inches x 6 inches, the lid opening in two halves revealing the silvered dial and two sighting vanes. The dial has a diameter of 5 inches and has engraved compass rose,  points, markings, jewelled needle and is signed, ‘T. Blunt. Cornhill, London’. The underside has a brass lug for tripod mounting. The compass has a locking bar which secures the needle when the lid is closed.

The exposed brass parts to the outside are quite dark in appearance and have lost the ‘lacquered brass’ look. The inside edges of the two mahogany lids are chipped (see last picture). There is a very thin hairline shrinkage crack to the underside of the case. One side of the compass case has a fitted brass lug which was probably to hold a declination protractor. I am unsure what was fitted / held within the recesses of the inside lids.

Still a good, substantial working compass with folding sights.

Thomas Blunt (1) worked 1794 – 1823.

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