Mauch Inclinometer

Mauch Inclinometer

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Mauch Inclinometer and Surveying Tool


19th Century

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Categories: Calculating, Drawing Instruments, Surveying Instruments & Mining, Other Technology Antiques


Rare and complex 19th century combination surveying, mathematical and measuring tool by D Mauch of Cologne. Dates to 1860 (

Heavy nickel or Electrum body with box inserts. Many unrelated scales incised onto the surface.

Incorporates a compass under mica window, level, protractor, linear rule, goniometer, set square with built-in magnifying glass and inclinometer. Scales suggest other unknown functions.

The inclinometer function uses a pop-up hinged polished steel mirror and lift-up sight. A small swing-out rule hides a compartment containing a tool for unscrewing the centre rim to extract a missing pivoted mirror and possibly as a stake used for other functions.


The boxwood insert has a small chip and there are an unknown number of missing parts – rule surfaces incorporate a number of stake holes into which something was placed. At least two mirrors are missing one square polished steel fitting under the existing hinged mirror (present in the Science Museum example of this instrument), the second of polished steel and set between two pivots in the centre hole of the instrument (also present in the Science Museum instrument). This said, the instrument for sale is more complete than the Science Museum example.  

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