Surgical Set Belonging to Doctor  who Served in American Civil War

Surgical Set Belonging to Doctor who Served in American Civil War


Surgical Set Belonging to Doctor who Served in American Civil War


Case length: 16.5


3rd Quarter of 19th century

Country of manufacture

North America

Category: Surgical instruments


 Dr. Wm Faulkner (1819-1888) graduated from Geneva Medical College (NY) in 1842. He joined the 83rd Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry Regiment as a physician/surgeon in 1861 and served for one year. The set is by Helmhold, a Phila. maker working from 1851-1897. The case,  made of rosewood with a very handsome grain,  is interesting in a number of respects. Most notably it lacks Liston or Catlin knifes. It never had them, this despite the fact that it has not one but three saws (one small digital saw is among ivory-handled instruments) an array of bone snips , scalpels and bistouries. Perhaps he kept his knives in a separate case. To anticipate a question, definitely a two-level case–absolutely no room for a third level.  It also has instruments (e.g., a tonsil guillotine, postmortem hammer with elevator etc) that are not typicality found in a set of this type. The set is in remarkably good condition with the finish intact and bright on almost all of the instruments–the hammer/elevator has small patch of light corrosion. I should note that most of the instruments are signed and signed by Helmhold. There are two signed by “GEMRIG”, one signed “FINE STEEL”  and one signed “CHARRIERE”. These four fit perfectly in their slots, suggesting that they were custom ordered rather than replacements.It is near impossiblet to find replacement instrument for sets of this type that perfectly fit their slots,and even more difficult when they are by another maker.  I’d be happy to provide more detailed images if you let me know what you’d like to see. 

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