1878 patent “American Agriculturalist Microscope”

1878 patent “American Agriculturalist Microscope”


1878 patent "American Agriculturalist Microscope"




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North America

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We are offering an early example of THE AMERICAN AGRICULTURALIST MICROSCOPE . As you will see below, the address for the Orange Judd Company on the box, 245 Broadway, indicates that it was made before 1881, when Orange Judd moved to 751 Broadway. The frame is thermoplastic; the base diameter is 2″ or 5cm. 

HISTORY OF THE AMERICAN AGRICULTURALIST MICROSCOPE (From:http://www.microscope-antiques.com/ag.html)

“Starting in 1877, the American Agriculturalist Magazine advertised this diminutive instrument. It was touted as an aid to the farmer in detecting contamination and deterioration of e.g. seeds. It could also be used by children to explore the little things around us. The earliest version is labelled with a ‘PAT. APP’D FOR’ whereas shortly later, the patent date was added; this patent date as stated on the slightly later instruments, is Jan 8, 1878. This is patent number —– issued to J.J. Bausch…The Orange Judd company address, as given in the 1877 through 1880 editions of the American Agriculturist was 245 Broadway, the address on this. Starting in 1881, the address had changed to 751 Broadway, the address on the green box.”

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