SOLD – 18th Century telescope by Jesse Ramsden

SOLD – 18th Century telescope by Jesse Ramsden




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UK and Ireland

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SOLD – A wooden tapered barrel marine telescope, signed on the single brass draw tube, ‘Ramsden, London’. The draw tube also engraved with a Lion motif which was a trade mark of Ramsden dating the telescope to 1780.

Extended, it measures 43.5″ (110 cms) long. It has a main lens of 1 & 7/8″ (50mm) diameter and gives a clear, sharp image when viewing.

The telescope is in good condition; a rare example of its kind. Complete with eyepiece dust slider and lens cap.

It comes with a later, modern display stand.

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GB Scientific Inspirations

Scientific Inspirations

I live in Lancashire (U.K.) and have been a dealer and collector of scientific and nautical instruments for a number of years. My stock has included some fine items from museums and colleges, which were surplus to their requirements. I occasionally purchase some interesting items from abroad, having established some reliable sources.

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