2nd WW Signal Heliograph Outfit With Tripod.
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2nd WW Signal Heliograph Outfit With Tripod.

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Category: Surveying Instruments & Mining


This a virtually complete Heliograph outfit, as used mainly by the Signal Regiment. There is a leather carrying case, stamped to the exterior “Helio 5″ Mk V”. It is fitted into compartments, containing, a Main Mirror, with adjustments to the rear for actual Morse signals, using the Sun. There is also a secondary mirror, used for directing the Suns Rays, to the main mirror. Also included is a folding sighting device, for aiming the main mirror. There is a small container, for spare mirrors [ empty]. Finally, there is a mounting arm, that screws to the Tripod. All metal parts are in brass. The leather case has a hinged lid, with closing tab, and a webbing shoulder sling. All mounted to the correct 39inch wooden tripod, with brass mounts, inscribed “Stand Lamp Or Helio Mk 111”. All in working order. Widely used during the 2nd WW, often in conjunction with the Signal Lamp Outfit, in cloudy, or Dark conditions, and also the Signal Regiment Spotting Telescope Outfit. Please note that both of these outfits are available, and are also published on the fleaglass website.

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I have been interested in scientific instruments since my grammar school days in the 1950s then university at Guys Hospital, London, where I qualified in 1961, and then working as a Dental Surgeon, until retirement from that profession, in 2004.. My antiques business was set up 45 years ago, having followed in the footsteps of my father. Throughout this time I have dealt in scientific instruments, mainly of a military connection. This includes military instruments, microscopes, compasses, Nauticalia, Telescopes, large and small, Binoculars, especially of the German and British Naval forces of the 2nd WW, general optical items and even writing cases.

I attend the Science Fair in,London, and other Antique Fairs, especially the IACF Fairs, at Ardingly, West Sussex, The "Military Odyssey" at Detling, Kent, and occasionaly,the Bisley Fairs, and Birmingham, at the NMM.

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