SOLD – A Large Ross No.1 Binocular Microscope Re-Fitted by Powell & Lealand

SOLD – A Large Ross No.1 Binocular Microscope Re-Fitted by Powell & Lealand




Country of manufacture

UK and Ireland

Categories: Scientific, Microscopy


SOLD – Circa 1858, signed to the back of the foot ‘A ROSS, London 1919’, standing on a massive ‘Y’ shaped base with tall uprights supporting the body of the microscope on large trunnions, with large plano-concave mirror on an articulated arm, substage with rack and pinion focusing, screw X-Y adjustment with early Ross (non RMS) diameter collar, stage with geared rotation, and X-Y control, large rectangular sectioned bar with bar limb on top with integeral fine focus mechanism, with later adapted Binocular Tubes and seperate monocular tube, with a large amount of Ross & Powell & Lealand acessories in the seperate case including five Powell & Lealand Objectives and cans, one objective by Ross, a substage Spot lens, a Wenham Parabolic condenser, three sets of binocular eyepieces, eyepiece analyser and other accessories, the main cabinet contains a Powell & Lealand achromatic condenser, a Powell & Lealand condenser with swing out selenite disks, stage condenser and reflector, dark wells, monocular tube, lathe stage, a Gillet condenser signed by A Ross, a large polariser, four other eyepieces, all in the original brass bound French polished cabinet with double doors.

The Wenham prism has a small nibble to the leading edge that cannot be seen in the image.

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