SOLD – A large single draw telescope by Dollond.

SOLD – A large single draw telescope by Dollond.




Country of manufacture

UK and Ireland

Categories: Telescopes, Telescopes - Other


SOLD – Signed near the eye-piece, ‘Dollond, London. Day or Night’. The draw tube is fully retractable and unscrews midway to access the lens erector. The eye-piece is a ‘flared cup’ type with dust slider and there is a protective slider to the removable lens cap.

The main lens is an achromatic doublet with flint and crown glass and has a diameter of 1.5″.

The telescope measures 20.5″ when closed.

Very nice condition, retaining original lacquer throughout. The mahogany barrel is free of cracks / splits (but has a few small usage marks). The draw tube has a nice, smooth action.

The telescope gives excellent, clear views.

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