SOLD – A large telescope, tripod & spectroscope – Unzschneider & Fraunhofer, c. 1825

SOLD – A large telescope, tripod & spectroscope – Unzschneider & Fraunhofer, c. 1825




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SOLD – A large mahogany barrelled telescope signed, ‘Unzscneider & Fraunhofer’.

The clear aperture of the main lens is 3.46″ (88mm) diameter which is an air spaced achromatic, aplanatic doublet. The lens would have been made by Fraunhofer himself.

There is an applied brass plate to the centre of the barrel which reads, ‘Refitted 1867, R & J Beck, 51 Cornhill, London’. The telescope length is 64″ (163 cms) and is complete with end cap, pancratic eyepiece, steady bar and spotting scope. The telescope is fixed to an English type mounting, with variable height settings.

The spectroscope fits directly over the objective when in use but has a chip on the angled surface (last picture).

The telescope is in excellent working order and has some historical significance.

It gives fantastic views; the clarity over long distances is remarkable.

No case.

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