A late 17C/very early 18C brass cased compass circa 1670-1710

A late 17C/very early 18C brass cased compass circa 1670-1710

Stock Number: 1799


A large English compass with threaded brass lid,late 17C or very early 18C


compass paper 77mm diameter,case 87mm diameter x 23mm deep



Country of manufacture

UK and Ireland

Categories: Maritime, Scientific, Navigational instruments, Surveying Instruments & Mining


A rare English pocket compass in a brass case with threaded lid.The engraved paper has an extremely fine central foliate panel,with a further decorative border toward the outer edge, adjacent to four engraved quadrants of 0-90 and 90-0 alternately.All compass points are included every 11 1/4 degrees,the compass star is cross hatched and shaded.There is a fleur de lys at North.The needle is iron with no chemical blueing and shows North with a simple cross bar,the S side being plain.It has a facetted central boss with moulded glass leveller.The glass is original and is secured with a finely turned brass bezel.The case is heavy and spun from castings,defects of which may be seen inside both lid and base.The lid is slightly domed and has a thread which corresponds to a raised thread on the compass housing.The base has a single circle,engraved on a lathe,and the bottom of the needle pivot is visible in the centre. 

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