SOLD – A rare double telescope, large theodolite – Troughton & Simms, London.

SOLD – A rare double telescope, large theodolite – Troughton & Simms, London.




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SOLD – A fine lacquered brass, large theodolite by Troughton & Simms with a double telescope attachment to the vertical axis.

The telescope measures 26 cms inches racked in, 28.5 cms racked out and has an objective lens clear aperture of 2.8 cms, sun visor, 12 cms bubble level, with attached 14 cms ( 5.5″) vertical circle engraved from 0 – 90 in four quadrants of degrees, sub divided in increments down to 1/30th of a degree, with verniers reading to 20 seconds of arc, magnifyers and fine screw and clamp adjuster. All mounted over two large ‘A’ frame supports over the horizontal plate with partially enclosed silver scale reading from 0 – 360 in degrees, divided to one degree and each degree sub divided into three, with silver verniers engraved ‘A’ and ‘B’ and reading to 20 seconds of arc with magnifyers, slow screw and tangent adjustment, with 9 cms bubble level ( 7 cms cross bubble to one of the ‘A’ frame supports), the 9 cm compass with centre jewelled needle with locking bar and engraved around the outside in degrees from 0 – 360, signed as per title.

All mounted over a tribach with three adjustable levelling screws, fine thumb screw adjuster and locking arm.

The additional telescope is fixed in the opposite direction to the main telescope; it has rack and pinion focusing and measures 25.5 cms racked in and 26.8 cms racked out. The use of the double telescope allows the user to take readings in the horizontal plain without ‘swinging the telescope’ (moving the instrument 180 degrees from its previous position).

The horizontal axis of the telescope mount has a glass window to one end which allows light from the attachable kerosene burner to aid the user in night use or bad light.

The mahogany case also holds a striding level, plumb bob weight, 45 degree ‘elbow’ eye-piece, erecting eye-piece, oil stick in container, eye shade for telescope, cerosene lamp & holder and a spare thumb wheel. The case is complete ( there are no ‘gaps’ in the case ).

Shrinkage crack to case lid and base.

A fine instrument by leading makers of the time, circa 1880.

Retaining all original lacquer ( with some rubbing in areas ). Height 37 cms ( 14.5″ ).




Very heavy……..Post in U.K. will be £18 via recorded courier.

                              U.S. …………………..£90  ”         ”               “

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I live in Lancashire (U.K.) and have been a dealer and collector of scientific and nautical instruments for a number of years. My stock has included some fine items from museums and colleges, which were surplus to their requirements. I occasionally purchase some interesting items from abroad, having established some reliable sources.

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