A rare German prosthetic Sauerbruch hand

A rare German prosthetic Sauerbruch hand

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A rare German prosthetic "Sauerbruch” hand

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A rare German prosthetic hand, the so called “Sauerbruch-Hand”, I’d say post WWII.

In very good, working condition, the fingers can be opened/closed, and a latch allow also the rotation of the hand.

The Sauerbruch hand is kind of “link” between cable moved hand and myoelectric hand as the movement of remaining muscules in the stump were able to control the hand movement after a special surgery technique. Surgery and prosthetic used to be very expensive and so only very few people got a “Sauerbruch-Hand”.
The procedure known as Sauerbruch-Lebsche Vanghetti cineplasty is one hundred years old.
The Italian doctor Giuliano Vanghetti is generally credited with being the first person to conceive of the idea of using the residual limb muscles of an amputee to operate a prosthetic device, developing his idea in the early 1900’s with first experiments on chickens.
In Germany, an independent study of cineplasty occurred in parallel to the Italian work at the Polytechnical Institute of Zurich and in 1915 the surgeon Ferdinand Sauerbruch achieved a major breakthrough in the field of artificial arms. The Sauerbruch arm enabled the hands to be used with the help of the muscles of the upper arm. To begin with, a tunnel had to be made through the upper arm muscle with an ivory pin running through it. Tensing the muscle raised the pin and closed the fingers

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