SOLD – A rare Swift folding portable microscope in case.

SOLD – A rare Swift folding portable microscope in case.




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SOLD – A Rare Swift Folding Portable Microscope, English, c.1880, signed ‘J Swift, University St, London W.C.’ in small flat French polished mahogany carry case. The microscope lifts out of the case in its folded down position, to assemble the microscope the first legs are folded back then the two front legs folded forward, this then allows the body tube to fold up and lock into place, the stage is then folded flat and the sub-stage slid into place.
At the base of the microscope is a long lacquered column on which is supported the collar which holds the plano-concave mirror in a gimbal, above the mirror is the semi-mechanical sub-stage with rack and pinion focussing and screw adjusted centreing, circular stage covered with black glass providing the slide carriage a smooth and easy movement.
Focussing is via course rack work acting on the square column via the two large wheels at the back, fine focussing is via a wheel acting on a sprung lever which lifts / lowers the nosepiece, complete with 2 objectives, a pair of binocular eyepieces and other accessories in the lid — case length 28cm.
The catalogue description of this microscope begins:
This microscope is so constructed that it can be readily set up for immediate use without the necessity of having to screw any part or parts together before using, a defect so often complained of in most portable microscopes………..
It focusses extremely well when viewing a specimen.


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