A Schmidt & Haensch Berliner microscope with Dutch provenance, circa 1870s’

A Schmidt & Haensch Berliner microscope with Dutch provenance, circa 1870s’





A little rare Franz Schmidt and Herrmann Haensch compound microscope signed \”Franz Schmidt & Haensch Berlin\” without serial number so from the early production.

Franz Schmidt and Herrmann Haensch started their partnership in 1864, after having been apprentice for the same maker in Berlin, Wilhelm Langhoff.


The present example is a medium-size compound microscope, from 1860s\’ or early 1870s\’, probably stativ IV or V. The microscope is in fine condition and preserves its original optics with 3 eyepieces and 2 objectives.


Futhermore, the present example, recently acquired in Holland has a fine Dutch provenance given by two business cards and a manuscript annotation. :


\”Microscoop van grootpapa Dr. W. A. van Dorp (19° eeuw)\” : \”Microscope of grandfather Dr. W. A van Dorp (19th century)\”


Willem Anne van Dorp (Rotterdam, 9 December 1847 – Naarden, 26 September 1914), was Dutch chemist. After having studied in Hannover, Göttingen, Heidelberg and Berlin, he graduated in Heidelberg in 1871, after which he returned to Berlin. In 1876, Van Dorp became owner of a gold refinery in Amsterdam and founded a laboratory in this city, that allowed him to continue his scientific research.  

So we can suppose that van Dorp acquired this microscope during this studies in Berlin.


Carte de visite of “M[eeste]r. W. A. van Dorp, Voorzitter Raad van Commissarissen, Naarden International N.V.”. 

Chemische Fabriek Naarden (CFN) was found in 1905 and in 1908 Willem Anne van Dorp (1882-1970) became chemist withing this company and a few years later managing director. In 1953, the direction was taken over by his son W. A. van Dorp, a lawyer, who finally stepped down in 1983 as director of the supervisory board. In 1972, CFN was renamed Naarden International N.V.


The case measures 29x16x12 cm.


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