SOLD – A very large compound monocular microscope – Negretti & Zambra, London.

SOLD – A very large compound monocular microscope – Negretti & Zambra, London.




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UK and Ireland

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SOLD – Signed on the foot in script, ‘Negretti & Zambra, Opticians, 11 Hatton Garden, London’, the microscope stands 46 cms set vertical, racked down and 52.5 cms fully racked out.

This microscope can be seen on page 94 (number 80) of the book ‘The Great Age of the Microscope – GL’E Turner, quote: ……built to the familiar Ross pattern, with Y-shaped foot, trunnions and limb and arm to take the body tube. The large mechanical stage has a rotatable top plate which supports the specimen by a rest and movable bar. The mirror is plano concave. Coarse focusing is by rackwork that lifts a triangular-sectioned bar from within the limb………..’

Very, very similar to a Ross No 1 stand.

The case holds:

A sub stage prism which is attached to a rectangular plate that clips into position below the stage.

A high power and low power eye-piece, but only one ‘top hat’.

1 inch objective in canister, the can signed ‘Negretti & Zambra, Opticians, London’.

1/2 inch objective      ”             ”     ”       ”               ”                 ”                  ”              “

1/4 inch objective      ”             ”     ”       ”               ”                 ”                  ”              “

Nosepice prism in can.

Pre RMS objective holder.

Large live box (lacking glass).

Holder / bracket for stage to hold tweezers.

Various amateur slides in drawer.

The mahogany case measures 36 cms x 24.5 cms x 24.5 ms with brass handle. No cracks.


A few negative points…..

The lacquer is almost worn away on the draw tube. The 8 cms plano concave mirror is very worn on both sides. The stage slips when moving up and down (the spline of the wheel moves small links under the stage. I cannot see anything worn or broke. Something may need tightening). The microscope fits to a mahogany base which has been broken and re-glued. Lock missing to door. The drawtube top should fix to a wooden slat within the case but this is missing.

Still a fine item and worthy of consideration.

Weight within the case is 10 kilos.

Negretti & Zambra worked at 11 Hatton Garden from 1850 – 1859. The objectives are pre RMS thread so dated circa 1855.



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