A very Rare Cuff By John Baddeley With An Interesting Three-Lens Eyepiece, 1770-1780

A very Rare Cuff By John Baddeley With An Interesting Three-Lens Eyepiece, 1770-1780




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UK and Ireland

Categories: Scientific, Microscopy


A very rare and quite important microscope for the English production of Cuff-type during the second half of the 18th century.

This microscope bears a very unusual signature engraved on the stage : “Jno. Baddely Wolverhampton”


John Baddeley is a famous English Clockmaker, established in Albrighton. In the eighteenth century, John Baddeley rose to become a member of the Royal Society, he was reputedly a clockmaker to George III (who collected more than two thousand timepieces) and, turning his attention to barometers and optics, invented a new type of refracting telescope.

On the variations of the Baddeley/Baddely name and the name of the cities in the Baddeley signatures, see Clifton/Turner, Directory of Bristish scientific instrument makers, 1550-1851.

However, it appears that very few microscopes signed by him were preserved until today.


The present Cuff-type microscope is particulary interesting for its very unusual four-lens eyepiece combining a plano-convex, bi-convex, bi-convex and a plano-convex lense. Up until now, we know only continental makers as Tiedemann or Dellebarre who built multiple-lens (more than 2 + the field lens) eyepieces in order to make their microscopes achromatic.

This development/improvment by John Baddeley seems to be a true original invention in the 18th-century UK production : in our knowledge, no other maker made in UK Cuff-type with four-lens eyepiece.

Finally, the microscope is in superb condition with its six original objectives, its stage condenser, its stage tweezer, its fishplate, several ivory slides, different other accessories including an interesting special Bonnani stage with a condenser lens.


A rare signature and an important optical configuration.

Size : 39ch height.

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