Allis Ether Inhaler, mint and boxed

Allis Ether Inhaler, mint and boxed


Allis Ether Inhaler, mint and boxed



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North America

Categories: Medicine, Surgical instruments


We are offering an unused and boxed example of the Allis Ether Inhaler. This is the only example we’ve encountered  that retains not only  its original labeled box but the device used for flattening gauze so it could be threaded into the inhaler’s central element. A near identical example, lacking the flattening device, is in Collection of the Wood-Library Museum, the premier collection of anesthesia apparatus in the United States.
Quoting form the Wood Library Site :
Surgeon Oscar H. Allis (1836-1921) known by many for the development of a method to reconnect two pieces of intestine, also developed a number of medical instruments, including an ether inhaler. In 1874 Dr. Allis described the inhaler and his method for using it. He explained that almost three yards of two and a half inch wide bandage was needed to thread all of the slots in the inhaler with gauze. Dr. Allis also outlined the reasons for his design and its advantages over other methods, emphasizing that the many separated layers of gauze significantly increased the surface area from which ether could evaporate, resulting in more rapid induction of anesthesia. His design was very popular in the late 1800s through the early 1900s and could be obtained from a number of manufacturers as late as the 1930s.  

 The cut of the inhaler in use is taken from a C1889 Sharp and Smith catalog. 

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