Ammonite Phylloceras

Ammonite Phylloceras

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Ammonites are named after the Egyptian god “Ammon”. He was known as having ram’s horns.  The swirl of the horns  reminded people of the rounded ammonite.

This ammonite is named Phylloceras. Their shapes are quite sophisticated but remember, they lived at a depth of about  of about 60  Metres (1,968feet).

Time wise, they existed from the lower Jurassic period to the late  Cretaceous period.  In their time they were very common.  One can see that their shell is streamlined.  This allowed the genus to swim at moderate speeds by jet propulsion.

When you hold one in your hand you discover that they are very beautiful. A word of warning.  Ammonites come in about three grades. 

They can be excellent fossils, good fossils or OK fossils.  You have to learn that or ask someone who knows.  The two offered here are excellent.

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