An Exhibition-Grade Bigelow Lithotrite

An Exhibition-Grade Bigelow Lithotrite


An Exhibition-Grade Bigelow Lithotrite


Length: 17.5"



Country of manufacture

North America

Categories: Medicine, Surgical instruments


An exhibition-grade Bigelow lithotrite, completely gilded and in superb condition. Exhibition-grade instruments were produced for national and international trade exhibitions. Exhibiting firms generally employed the best materials and the highest level of craftsmanship  to produce them.  This example is in fine mechanical and cosmetic condition; it retains 95% of its gilding. Length: 17.5″ 

The British Association of Urological surgeons site notes:

“This type of blind lithotrite was invented in 1878 by Henry Bigelow, an American surgeon. It was bigger than previous blind lthotrites because, in 1872, FN Otis had demonstrated that the male urethra was much larger than previously thought, at 32Ch. Bigelow utilised this information and employed the new chloroform anaesthesia to break bladder stones and wash out the fragments in one sitting. The bulbous handle (pictured right) differs from the wheel type of handle seen in the English blind lithotriteThis new operation was named litholapaxy by his friend, Oliver Wendell Holmes, the American physician and author (from the Greek, λιθος = stone, and λαπαξειν = to crush or wear away). The pieces were washed out using a Bigelow’s evacuator.”

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