Antique Ancient Persian Bedouin Astrolabe Sundial

Antique Ancient Persian Bedouin Astrolabe Sundial

€ 275

Antique Ancient Persian Bedouin Astrolabe Sundial


9 cm


19th century

Country of manufacture


Categories: Maritime, Scientific, Navigational instruments, Portable Sundials, Timekeeping



Offered for sale is this outstanding Antique Ancient Persian Bedouin Astrolabe Sundial, being 9 cm diameter, with engraving all over the front and back of this instrument. There is a recessed compass in the instrument. We believe this instrument is a 19 century. (Maybe older) Please mouse over each image to view high resolution photos.




Historically, each Bedouin Tribe Master had one of these astrolabes sundials to help him navigate either on land or in water. The astrolabe measures 9 cm in diameter. The Persian Bedouin Astrolabe Sundial is a historical astronomical instrument used by classical astronomers and astrologers. Brass astrolabes and sundials were developed in much of Persia (Iran), chiefly as an aid to navigation and as a way of finding the qibla, the direction of Mecca. In the Islamic world, astrolabes and sundials were used to find the times of sunrise and the rising of fixed stars, to help schedule morning prayers. It was the chief navigational instrument until the invention of the compass and sextant. Its many uses included locating and predicting the positions of the sun, moon, planets and stars; determining local time given the local longitude and vice-versa; surveying, and triangulation. Astrologers of European nations used astrolabes and sundials to construct horoscopes. In the Islamic world, they are and were used primarily for astronomical studies, though astrology was often involved there as well. An astrolabe sundial (Greek: astrolabos, “star-taker”)[1] is an elaborate inclinometer, historically used by astronomers, navigators, and astrologers.


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