Antique Italian Delezenne’s Circle, late 1800’s

Antique Italian Delezenne’s Circle, late 1800’s

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Antique Italian Delezenne's Circle, late 1800's

Categories: Scientific, Physics & Chemistry


Antique Italian Delezenne’s Circle, late 1800’s.

Base: 46 x 15 cm

Height: 39 cm

Diameter: 28 cm

In great condition, I can only note the missing crank handle

“Faraday discovered that terrestrial magnetism could develop induced currents in moving conductors.

Delezenne’s circle serves well to demonstrate this clearly.  The coil, consisting of a great length of wire can be rotated at varying inclinations with respect to the earth’s field.  The induced e.m.f. is converted into a direct current by means of a commutator and is sufficient to deflect a sensitive galvanometer such as an astatic needle when the coil is rotated steadily with the cranked handle.

By noting the maximum deflection on a sensitive galvanometer with the axes of the coil orientated so as to cut the earth’s field in a horizontal and a vertical plane, the angle of dip can be determined from the inverse tangent of the ratio of the results”


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