Astronomical magic lantern mechanical slides, Charles Baker of Holborn.

Astronomical magic lantern mechanical slides, Charles Baker of Holborn.



Circa 1860

Country of manufacture

UK and Ireland

Category: Magic Lanterns & Optical Toys


Six 19th century astronomical magic lantern mechanical rack and pinion slides, Charles Baker of Holborn. Circa 1860.


Each slide is number and has a printed description accompanied by a hand written title and number in French.

No 1: The Solar System, showing the Revolution of all the Planets with their Satellites round the Sun. (B-57 Systeme Solaire)

No 3: This Diagram illustrates the cause of Spring and Neap Tides, and shews the Moon’s Phases during its revolution. (B-58 Saisons)

No 5: Rotundity of the Earth. (B-56 La terre est ronde)

No 7: The Diurnal Motion of the Earth, showing the Rising and Setting of the Sun, illustrating the cause of day and Night. (B-59 Mouvement diurne de la terre)

No 8: This Diagram illustrates the Annual Motion of the Earth round the Sun, with the Monthly lunations of the Moon. (B.60 Mouvement de la terre et dela lune)

No 10: This Diagram shows the Eclipse of the Moon. (B.65)


For similar sets of lantern slides showing “Astronomical Diagrams” see the collections of:

National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London: ID AST1098

Powerhouse Collection, Museum of Applied Arts & Sciences (MAAS) Sydney: H10237

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