Auzoux – Human eye in papier maché, early 20th century

Auzoux – Human eye in papier maché, early 20th century




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Anatomical model of the human eye constructed in papier-mâché by the firm Louis Auzoux (unsigned, but attributable with certainty) and datable from the beginning of the 20th century.

This model is absolutely complete in all its parts:

-the glass lens (which is often missing);

-The glass globe covered with painted paper representing the eye socket with its optic nerve, complete with micas;

-The second globe of paper representing the cornea and the retina;

– The last paper globe representing the envelope of flesh and skin around the eye;

-Finally its plaster base.


This perfectly preserved model measures 11 cm in diameter and its base 21x21x16x12cm.

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