Beautiful Restored c1885 Hernstein Prince Transit

Beautiful Restored c1885 Hernstein Prince Transit

$1100 (U.S. Postpaid)


Circa 1885

Country of manufacture

North America

Categories: Surveying Instruments & Mining, Engineering antiques, Other Technology Antiques


This is a beautifully restored circa 1885 transit made by a maker that was only in business for a few years.  Hernstein Price instruments rarely pop up for sale.


This transit has an 10 inch telescope and a 4.5 inc needle.  The transit reads to 30 seconds (1 minute on the vertical arc), and all the levels have liquid.


The optics are nice with crosshairs – I did not see any stadia wires.   The beautiful transit includes a gradienter which is a nice extra,


The transit comes with what I believe is its original box.   The pictures show everything that is included.


The main blemish on this wonderful transit – a 1/4 inch scratch on the compass glass.


See a 360 degree view (with Zoom-in ability) of this beautiful transit here.


Please see my Hernstein Price Maker Webpage for more information about Hernstein Prince. 


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The Compleat Surveyor specializes in rare instruments and books related to land surveying. This initially was a family business - my father (F. D. Uzes) was a noted surveyor, collector and author (Illustrated Price Guide To Antique Surveying Instruments and Books - published in 1980). Having spent a lifetime surrounded by old instruments and books, I now run the business myself. I use my website ( to both sell instruments and provide historical information related to land surveying.

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