Book; a short introduction for the use of the globes – Thomas Molineux, London, 1798.

Book; a short introduction for the use of the globes – Thomas Molineux, London, 1798.




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A small book basically explaining how to use the terestial & celestial globe.

To find the latitude of any given place,.

To find the distances between any two places on the globe.

To find the bearing of any one place from another.

For any given hour at any place, to find what hour it is, at any other place.

To find the suns rising and setting… any given place.

To find the length of the longest day in any given place.

The day and hour of a lunar eclipse being given, to find at what places the same will be visible.

etc, etc.

Paper back, page 51, 69, 70 missing. 6.75″ x 4.25″.

The pages / covers attached by string. Unsure if the binding is original as I cannot find a similar copy.

‘A Short Introduction to The Use of the Globes containing an explanation of the Principle Terms and rules for the solution of the Most Useful Problems with a variety of examples intended for the learner’s exercise. A New Edition enlarged by Thomas Milineux, teacher of Mathematics, Macclesfield, Cheshire. London. 1798’.


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