Brass ring dial signed Ioannes : Georgivs : ZECH : ANNO 1699

Brass ring dial signed Ioannes : Georgivs : ZECH : ANNO 1699



diameter 4.5 cm x width 1.5 cm



Country of manufacture


Category: Timekeeping


Brass ring dial signed “Ioannes : Georgivs : ZECH : ANNO 1699“.

The instrument consists of a movable central ring with a small hole (gnomon), the whole moving along a graduated scale of the months of the year (I, F, M, A, M, I, I, A, S, O, N, D). The inner face graduated with a double hour scale 1-8, 4-12 drawn on diagonal lines intersecting declination lines with the inscription « GNOSVI, IFMAMI. » et « .I.A.M. .1699. ». The main ring has a slot to let the light through. The main ring has a clasp and a chain.

Dimensions: ring diameter 4.5 cm x width 1.5 cm

Probably Germany, dated 1699.

Nota: ring dials are an old and rather inaccurate form of sundial. They work by allowing the rays of the Sun to shine through a pinhole onto the hour-lines engraved on the inside face of the opposite side of the ring. The use of the ring dial is given in the book of Nicolas Bion « Traité de la construction et des principaux usages des instruments de mathématiques », Ed. 1752, pp. 275-276 and plate 31, Fig. 7, 8, 9.


– This ring is referenced on the Greenwich Maritime Museum website about another ring attributed to Zech (AST0275, This is the ring that was part of the Harriet Wynter collection.

– A very similar German ring is described in our book on sundials published in 2013 (ref. I19, page 380).

– A very close ring dated 1688 is in the British Museum, see Ward, cat.164.

– Another one, dated 1693, was part of the Mercator collection.

– Similar copies can be found in the Greenwich Museum (notably inv. AST0305)

– and in the Kern collection, vol.3, n°172 (dated 1711).

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