c.19th Ross brass microscope (c.1865)

c.19th Ross brass microscope (c.1865)

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Offered for sale is huge microscope made by Thomas Ross with serial number #3149 made around 1865


32x24x22 cm



Country of manufacture

UK and Ireland

Categories: Scientific, Microscopy


Offered for sale is huge microscope made by Thomas Ross with serial number #3149 made around 1865 (See https://vayafigura.files.wordpress.com/2010/02/ross-1930-1945.pdf) It is enormous, standing 55 cm tall in working position. Focus is rack and pinion with two knobs on the side of the optical tube. The mechanical stage allows micrometic movements . A large double side mirror is fixed beneath the stage. The microscope comes in beautiful original case with doble door to allow storage a large number of devices. Some of them are original and others are from contemporaneus makers. Case is in very good condition with locks and key. Case dimensions are 32x24x22 cm and all together weights more than 9 kg unpacked.

This is one of the largest models made by Ross and has the design introduced in 1845 that became very popular and characteristic of their microscopes. Include following accesories:

.- 1/4in Andrew Rofs objective in a 2in Ross can

.- 1/8in Andrew Rofs objective can

.- 1/10in Crouch objective in its matching can

.- 1/5in Bausch&Lomb objective in a 1in can

.- 1in objective can

.- 1in Collins objective in its matching can

.- 1/4in objective in original (?) can

.- 1/2in objective in its matching can

.- 1/8in Andrew Rofs can

.- “A” eyepiece

.- “B” eyepiece

.- livebox

.- brass forceps

.- analizer

.- polarizer

.- dark field condenser

.- brass can with light stoppers

.- 3 cartroon boxes with filters and stoppers



Shipping to Europe 50€ and worlwide 95€

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Based in Barcelona, Spain, Viafora specialises in antique scientific instruments, especially microscopes. Selling on eBay as 080bcn since 2003, Viafora has a record of excellent customer service.

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