C1860 Van Heuvel’s Pelvic Compass

C1860 Van Heuvel’s Pelvic Compass


C1860 Van Heuvel's Pelvic Compass


Length closed : 30cm



Categories: Medicine, Diagnostics


A rare example of Van Heuvels pelvic compass, introduced in 1841 and modified in 1855. According to the 1867 Charrierie catalog, in which an example is illustrated (pl. 41), this is later, modified model. Quoting from GluedIdeas.com:

“Van Huevel’s in 1841, modified in 1855, we describe it as completed. It is a compass in shape, composed of two blades; the one fixed, the other movable. The first is internal or vaginal, and is eleven inches long, flattened like a spatula at its end, furnished at the centre with a ring below; this a graduated circle, and it articulates below, like a compass, with the second blade. This, in turn, may be shortened or lengthened at will, by sliding downward or upwards. (See Fig. 94.) Its upper extremity is traversed by a screw. When in use, the internal blade rests, at its extremity, at the sacro-vertebral angle, for internal measurements, and for external the extremities of the blades are used even, as in Baudelocque’s instrument. The essential part and advantage of the instrument is the fact that the external blade is movable upward or downward with ease, and therefore the measurements may be very exactly obtained. The extremity of the internal blade may further be placed on the inner border of the symphysis, or indeed at any internal point, the outer blade resting wherever we please, and thus we may obtain the thickness of the symphysis, or any one of the diameters with a considerable degree of accuracy.”

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