Circa 1885 N.H. Edgarton Philadelphia Marloye’s Harp

Circa 1885 N.H. Edgarton Philadelphia Marloye’s Harp

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Circa 1885 N.H. Edgarton Philadelphia Marloye's Harp Laboratory Acoustic Demonstration Device


13 inches x 5 inches x 17.5 inches



Country of manufacture

North America

Categories: Scientific, Technology, Physics & Chemistry


Born in Paris, trained as an assistant of physicist Felix Savart who specialized in acoustics. Albert Marloye (1795-1874) became a respected instrument maker during the mid-19th century he published numerous catalogs explaining how to utilize his apparatus for multiple experiments and demonstrations. He conceived numerous instruments including Marloye’s Harp and Pan’s Harp. He retired in 1874. He is however widely known as the mentor of renowned acoustic instrument maker Rudolph Koenig. 
Fine details include a 12 inch tall tapered and turned vertical column supporting an adjustable 1/8 inch diameter brass rod suspended over mouth of original glass goblet with provision for four 1/2 inch diameter thread suspended wood orb pendulums { not present though easily replicated}. The tinted chartreuse period 9 inch tall goblet with 5 1/2 inch diameter mouth, 2 1/2 x 1 inch diameter tapered stem and 4 inch diameter base secured with original brass clamps, one with threaded wing-nut clamp for easy removal. All on a fine 13 inch x 5 inch x 1 inch mahogany subbase stamped NH Edgarton Philadelphia. Overall height as photo’d 17.5 inches. Weight 4 lbs. 
The stroke of a horsehair bow against the rim of the goblet causes vibrations within the glass, thereby triggering the violent movement of the pendulums. 
This simple and most elegant demonstration device was acquired in August of 2018 from the prestigious Smith College for Women 19th century physics lab storage collection . In original aged lacquered brass , not cleaned or polished in any way. Excellent no regrets condition. 

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