Collection of 5 large English photomicrographs of wood’s section, c1900

Collection of 5 large English photomicrographs of wood’s section, c1900

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UK and Ireland, North America

Categories: Microscopy, Early Photographs, Photographs, Early British Photographers, Early American Photographers, Other Early Photographers


A very fine and well preserved little collection of 5 large (average size : 20×16 cm with a small of 16×16 cm) microphotographs of transversal section of wood, stem and petiole of Jacobiniae, oak and elm.

The collection contains :

-1. Fagaceae Quercus alba. Transverse section of wood w 210 diam.

-2. Acanthaceae. Jacobinia carnea. Transverse section of stem x 160 diam.

-3. Acanthaceae. Jacobinia. Transverse section trhough junction of stem & petiole. x 140 diam.

-4. Ulmaceae. Ulmus Americana. Transverse section of wood. x130 diam.

-5. Acanthaceae. Jacobinia coccinia. Tranverse section of stem. x170 diam.


The five original silver print photographs are mounted on strong carboard with handwritten annotations given the names of the genus, the under-genus adn the type of section.

On the back of each cardboard the same unreadable signature (?).

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