Colorimeter in case – C.P./ Goerz, Berlin.

Colorimeter in case – C.P./ Goerz, Berlin.


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Categories: Medicine, Pharmacy & Chemists


An early 20th century colorimeter finished in black enamel, it measures 8.75″ long and is signed, ‘C.P. Goerz, Berlin. # 3464’.
There is a glass tube with protective ends that unscrew and slot into the sleeve.
Turning the eye-piece also moves the vernier arm left or right. At the far end of the instrument the user can see a small circle of orange / yellow light with a line down the centre, and the other half is of a pale green colour. While turning the eye-piece and looking through the instrument, the coloured circle changes to a darker / lighter tone.
Used to examine urine / blood etc.
In 1908, Goerz Photochemisches Werk GmbH was founded in Berlin. In 1926 the company joined with others to form the Ziess Ikon company.


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