Drawing instruments in etui by Claude Langlois c. 1740

Drawing instruments in etui by Claude Langlois c. 1740


A complete set of brass and steel drawing instruments by Claude Langlois in original wood and leather etui, circa 1740



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Set includes brass sector, square, and protractor with matching signatures “Langlois a Paris aux Galeries du Louvre,” small and large dividers with complete attachments (lead holder, dotting wheel and ink nib), a brass and steel ink pen with lead holder, and a plumb bob and ebony straight rule. A complete example in exceptional condition.

Claude Langlois (1690 -1756) was the preeminent maker of scientific instruments in France during the second quarter of the 18th century. He is first recorded in 1723 working in Paris on the Quai d’Horloge at the sign “Au Niveau.” In the 1730s and 40s he acted as official constructor to the French astronomers, receiving numerous commissions from the Paris Observatory. He also supplied instruments to the Académie Royale des Sciences for mapping expeditions in Peru and Lapland. In 1735 he was named Ingénieur en instruments de mathématiques by the Academy, and, along with the title, received lodgings at the Louvre. Following his death in 1756, he was succeeded by his nephew Jaques Canivet (1720-1774) who continued producing mathematical and surveying instruments of very high quality.

A similar set of drawing instruments can be found in the Smithsonian Museum: http://americanhistory.si.edu/collections/search/object/nmah_1122126

And in various past sale:




Sources: P. Rocca & F. Launay p. 155, Daumas p. 260, F. Marcelin, W.S.D.

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