Early rare petrographic microscope by Voigt & Hochgesang Göttingen, c. 1875-80

Early rare petrographic microscope by Voigt & Hochgesang Göttingen, c. 1875-80

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This is a petrographic microscope by Voigt & Hochgesang of Göttingen, a specialist company of petrographic mounts of rocks and minerals in thin sections and petrographic microscopes. The microscope, signed to the of the foot ‘VOIGT & HOCHGESANG, GÖTTINGEN’, is standing on a ‘Y’ shaped base with squat turned pillar supporting the microscope with a compass type joint to the underside of the stage, with a plano-concave mirror in a gimbal on an articulated arm, The rotating stage with a polarizer on a slide in/out dovetail with rack and pinion focusing, polarizer with engraved scale, stage with slide positioning scale and scale engraved around the edge, triangular support at the back incorporating screw operated fine focus with a large nickel-plated adjustment wheel, with push/pull focusing, nosepiece with X-Y centering, with Klein's plate (a 3.75 mm thick quartz plate, cut perpendicular to the c-axis) in pull out slot, with an eyepiece with cross-hairs and micrometer. The effect of the microscopes made by Hartnack is clearly evident, moreover: this microscope can use objectives having the Hartnack thread.




Voigt & Hochgesang Göttingen

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This extremely rare microscope is found today in only a few copies. It belongs to the first generation of truly petrographic microscopes that occurred in about 1870 in Germany. As opposed to previous microscopes, which were equipped with Nicol prisms to provide views of anisotropic crystalline materials between crossed polarizers, this new generation of dedicated petrographic microscopes was designed specifically for petrography. In that, the variability within the surviving copies suggests that these microscopes were made in very small numbers and according to the specifications of the buyers, making each instrument a one-off. A somewhat later version of this model (but with rack and pinion coarse focusing) is inventory number MW 94/545 in the Museum for the History of Sciences collection of Universiteit Gent, Belgium.

The microscope is sold as seen in the photos, there is no case.

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