Equinoctial universal compass sundial in case – Elliott Bros., Strand.

Equinoctial universal compass sundial in case – Elliott Bros., Strand.




Country of manufacture

UK and Ireland

Categories: Portable Sundials, Timekeeping


A good, clean equinoctial sundial, signed on the chapter ring, ‘ELLIOTT BROS, 449 STRAND, LONDON’, with engraved compass rose, points and degrees to the outside in quadrants of 0 – 90. Jewelled needle with locking bar, bubble  level, cross bubble, folding gnonom and latitude bar engraved from 0 – 90.

On three adjustable levelling screws and contained in original felt lined mahogany case with almanac chart.


Overall dimension: 5.5 inches.

Chapter ring diameter: 4.5 inches.

Compass dial : 3 inches.

Case: 6.5 x 6.25 inches.

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I live in Lancashire (U.K.) and have been a dealer and collector of scientific and nautical instruments for a number of years. My stock has included some fine items from museums and colleges, which were surplus to their requirements. I occasionally purchase some interesting items from abroad, having established some reliable sources.

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