Fine Butterfield sundial by Henry Macquart circa 1700

Fine Butterfield sundial by Henry Macquart circa 1700




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Fine Butterfield dial featuring standard three-scale arrangement and eight-pointed rose compass with cardinal and quadrantal points noted in French. The latitude scale on the gnomon is adjustable for latitudes 40°-60°. The reverse is finely engraved with a central acanthus rosette and spine. Cities listed are mostly in France, dial includes early spellings such as “Degrez.”

Henry Macquart (c.1660-1720) was a pupil of Pierre Sevin, receiving the title Engineer of instruments to the court and councils of his Majesty in 1688. He then became Ingénieur du Roi  in 1691. His place of business was at the Quai des Morfondus at the sign of the Astrolabe in Paris. The astronomer Jean Mathieu de Chazelles (1657-1710) is recorded as having purchased a quadrant from Macquart in 1688. Macquart’s son-in-law and partner, Michel Cadot, continued his business by keeping the same sign.

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