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A fine and original French sextant by Lorieux/Hurlimann c.1850


27 x 20 cm.





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A fine and original French sextant with some unusual features and early serial number. Signed E. Lorieux, A. Hurlimann, sucr. a Paris (78), this sextant has a radius of 20 cm. with an arc circle of 27 cm. and a silvered scale measuring from -5 to + 165 degrees. Very odd construction with many innovations of the day including cast ladder frame body in bronze, a blued brass radius arm with vernier from 0-10 seconds of arc. The arc circle is engine divided in 10 minute increments and the entire scale (including the vernier) can be magnified using the multi-hinged lens on rotating arm. All 4 round filters (red, green, blackened and clear) are intact as are the secondary and primary (pentagonal) mirrors. The instrument sits atop three tapering legs and is hand held by a shaped fruitwood handle. The arm locks by screw below the frame and the vernier moves by double ended worm and screw (tangent). The glass filter/protective shield for the vernier now missing, as is the case having the additional eyepieces (sighting tube only) which moves vertically by threaded height adjustment. Tiny bruise on arc circle. Great office display piece.

Edmond Lorieux was a fine French instrument maker in Paris from 1825-1845(50) when the business was transferred to A. Hurlimann (successor) until about 1890. The early serial number (78) would indicate construction was ~1850. An unusual combination of French scale divisions and German engineering techniques. 


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