Fluorite Slice

Fluorite Slice


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Every occasion I see Rainbow Fluorite, I am humbled that natural minerals can be so beautiful and compelling.  These pieces come from China. They are first-rate Chrystal.  It is also found in Castletown, Derbyshire and was prized by the Romans (who occupied the area) for making drinking vessels. Consequently, it is known in England as “blue John (from the French “bleu jaune”)….blue yellow.

Fluorite, obviously, is a mineral.  It comes in many colours – white, blue, pink, purple. The industrial name is fluorspar, where it is used extensively. It’s name is contained in the word “florescence”.

Healers say that this is the stone of order and learning.  They state that you should have some in your home because it makes you feel more energetic.

There is nothing new about this stone. The Pharos of Egypt used it and it was well-known to the Romans. Pliny the Elder (a victim of the Vesuvius volcanic eruption) talks about it.

I have obtained a few pieces that comes from the Republic of China.  Believe me, they look stunning in a room. I have four slices, price per slice is £68. 

Can ship worldwide just contact me for costs


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