SOLD – German Voigtlander & Son telescope in case.

SOLD – German Voigtlander & Son telescope in case.




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SOLD – A large, leather covered taper barrelled, nickel silver telescope signed, ‘Voigtlander & Sohn. A – G. Braunschweig. 36 x’.

The company was established in Austria in 1756 and moved to Brunwick in 1849.

The length extended is 45 inches and 38.5 inched when closed with amain lens of 60mm and gives a fixed power of 36 x. It has an extended ray shade with an end cap, and an eye-piece slider with a dark glass for use on bright days.

It comes in a fitted wooden case.

The telescope is in excellent condition and gives a fine, sharp, high-power image.


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